Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Getting Close!

Truly sorry this is taking so long, but Laine (God Bless her for putting up with me) is making final changes very soon- I had to wait til I was really "feeling the love" before I could get rolling with this incredible blog project- so final changes have been approved and we should get this ball rolling very soon!  Check out Laine at Peace of Africa Designs She is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

SO- I have some fantastic things I am ANXIOUS to share- including a rare inside peek into the life of a FAMOUS manatee photographer, lots of NEW WONDERFUL teacher resources, some FANTASTIC things going on in Alabama, and LOTS of increased attention in the educator field (I can't wait to show you some of this stuff!!!!!!)!

I'm so excited you have no idea! - So, please, sign up to follow the blog, or the Facebook page so you are sure to know about all posts and get ready for a great adventure with LOTS  of laughs along the way! Manatee conservation and education with educator collaboration is the goal! 

p.s. Please don't forget to support Save the Manatee Club! Without this fantastic organization, I fear what would happen to our precious creatures! Their dedication and commitment to manatees is truly admirable. It is a great organization and I will continue to assist them and encourage others to support them in all ways possible, for all of the valuable services they provide! Thank you STMC!!!!!! All of you there ROCK!

So, thanks for your patience, stay tuned, regular posts coming by OCTOBER! And yes, It's getting close to Manatee Season too!!!!!!!!  I will be in Crystal River Nov 2!